FGI Atlanta Board of Directors | Advisory Board 2019

Regional Directors

Kevin Knaus

Membership Director

Melanie Woodroffe |  Founder, Cheers to Good Skin 


Clint Zeagler, Research Scientist II | Georgia Institute of Technology


Mary Logan Bikoff, Atlanta Magazine Home | Editor in Chief 

Program Co-Chairs

Randi Layne, Owner | Catwalk Productions

Nancy Flaherty, U.S. Editor | The Grace in Paris

Sara Wolf Mixon, Stylist/Events Coordinator | Tootsies  

Website Admin/Social Media

Melanie Woodroffe, Digital Expert & Social Media Consultant 


Mary Logan Bikoff, Atlanta Magazine Home | Editor in Chief 


Julie Routenberg, Owner/President | POTPOURRI Boutique (2016)

District Director

Gayle Bridgman - Santucci, Independent Travel Consultant | Travel Place Bethesda


FGI Atlanta Advisory Board 2018-2019

Advisory Board Chair

Sean McGinnis,  President & Publisher | Atlanta Magazine - Emmis Communications

Advisory Board Members

Barbara Collins, Store Manager | Tod’s

Sarah Fishburne, Director Trend & Design & Industrial Design | The Home Depot

Liz Gillespie, Partner, Vice President Marketing | North American Properties

Shawne Jacobs, President | Anne Barge  

Patrick Kells, Director of Retail Merchandising | The Coca-Cola Company  

Randi Layne, President | Catwalk Productions

Tracy Lloyd, Operating Vice President | Bloomingdale's

Christy Plott, Partner / Owner | American Tanning & Leather LLC

Donald Purcell, General Manager | Jeffrey USA

Julie Routenberg, Owner/President | POTPOURRI Boutique  

Robin Suggs, General Manager | Simon -Lenox Square

Joanne Truffelman, Executive Director | CHEMISTRY/ATLANTA

Cathie Wilson, Vice President General Manager | Saks Fifth Avenue